Sql Beautifier

Sql Beautifier is a free tool to quickly and easily format your sql code. You can use it’s online version which supports sql syntax for MSSQL, MS ACESS, DB2, MySql and Oracle/PL-SQL.

As an sql server developer, I have used the add in for sql server project management studio available for free. It has amazing facilities like:

  • Formatting of sql
  • Convert to C# / VB.NET button which will format and convert the sql code to usable source code using StringBuilder concatenations.
  • It can also convert the same code generated using Convert to C# / VB.NET to sql code.

I generally use stored procedures for sql scripts which involves DMLs for more than one table and use parameterized sql queries and for both cases this tool helped me a lot for getting the sql source code formatted and readable.

Have fun with this amazing tool and have your sql code formatted quickly.


AnjLab Sql Profiler

AnjLab Sql Profiler is a free sql server profiling tool which can be helpful if you are having an sql server express version without advance tools.

AnjLab Sql Profiler allows you to profile any sql query executed and server with related data about reads, writes, cpu, memory usage and related statistics on the fly.

Enjoy debugging free problem tracking using this free sql server profile tool and have fun.





Mailinator – an open inbox

mailinator is a free service that will receive and show emails sent to any account it has without any authentication. If you go to mailinator and type any test string name like “abc”  it will show email inbox for account abc@mailinator.com without any authentication.

Good thing about this service is, you can send any number of emails to any email address ending in @mailiantor.com and that will be open to all. There is no risk of blacklisting your email.

As a developer, you can use this service to create many different user with different emails and make sure your email sending code is working.

As a developer you visit to many sites on web which requires registration for downloading content like code samples, videos or pdfs. You can use this service to download the content and stay away from the promotional offers and emails they send you after getting your email.

You can also access abc@mailinator.com by typing abc.mailinator.com directly.

Please note that mailinator only supports text emails and email received only stays there for couple of hours.

Have fun with unlimited emails using mailinator


JSLint is a JavaScript program that looks for problems in JavaScript programs. It is a code quality tool. It helps you validate syntax and symentics of your javascript code.

Using JSLint will add more confidence that the javascript I have included will work in most of the browsers without problems. There are many times when you see warning in JSLint which helps you to optimize your javascript code as well.

I prefer to validate all my js against JSLint to make sure at least there are no errors (though warnings should also be taken care of).

If you want are new to javascript or related development, you can use JSLint for the same purpose.

Have fun with quality js validated using JSLint!