Mailinator – an open inbox

mailinator is a free service that will receive and show emails sent to any account it has without any authentication. If you go to mailinator and type any test string name like “abc”  it will show email inbox for account without any authentication.

Good thing about this service is, you can send any number of emails to any email address ending in and that will be open to all. There is no risk of blacklisting your email.

As a developer, you can use this service to create many different user with different emails and make sure your email sending code is working.

As a developer you visit to many sites on web which requires registration for downloading content like code samples, videos or pdfs. You can use this service to download the content and stay away from the promotional offers and emails they send you after getting your email.

You can also access by typing directly.

Please note that mailinator only supports text emails and email received only stays there for couple of hours.

Have fun with unlimited emails using mailinator


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