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Sql Beautifier

Sql Beautifier is a free tool to quickly and easily format your sql code. You can use it’s online version which supports sql syntax for MSSQL, MS ACESS, DB2, MySql and Oracle/PL-SQL.

As an sql server developer, I have used the add in for sql server project management studio available for free. It has amazing facilities like:

  • Formatting of sql
  • Convert to C# / VB.NET button which will format and convert the sql code to usable source code using StringBuilder concatenations.
  • It can also convert the same code generated using Convert to C# / VB.NET to sql code.

I generally use stored procedures for sql scripts which involves DMLs for more than one table and use parameterized sql queries and for both cases this tool helped me a lot for getting the sql source code formatted and readable.

Have fun with this amazing tool and have your sql code formatted quickly.


AnjLab Sql Profiler

AnjLab Sql Profiler is a free sql server profiling tool which can be helpful if you are having an sql server express version without advance tools.

AnjLab Sql Profiler allows you to profile any sql query executed and server with related data about reads, writes, cpu, memory usage and related statistics on the fly.

Enjoy debugging free problem tracking using this free sql server profile tool and have fun.